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Can you renounce your (US) citizenship

Citizenship is gained by birth, marriage or naturalisation. In recent times, the United States administration has tightened its citizenship laws to ensure sobriety and adherence to US laws. A person can either choose to relinquish his or her citizenship voluntarily or be forced by the government. Either way, the person loses the freedom and rights given by the US law.

Some of the benefits of being a US Citizen are

  1.  Eligibility to run for public office
  2. Can be enlisted into the US military.
  3. You are allowed to vote on both federal and state elections.
  4. A holder of a US passport has the advantage due to its strength amongst other nations. You can travel abroad to many countries without a Visa. It also allows you to get assistance in all consulates and embassies abroad.
  5. You can sponsor members of your family to come and live in the US.

How Can one Lose their US Citizenship?

If a US Citizen, naturalised or born, runs for a public office in a foreign country, it is deemed as a resignation of US citizenship. Irrespective of the condition, such person is believed to be pushing the agenda of that country. The revocation is instant upon confirmation.

If you enrol into the disciplined forces of another country, the action shows open aggression towards the United States. It means that if America were to engage in a military altercation with the country, you would act on behalf of that country. Upon confirmation, the revocation process is immediate.

Citizens of the US are free to hold dual citizenship with friendlier countries. However, if the intention is giving up US citizenship, it is dimmed as self-withdrawal. In such circumstances, the government has the right to suspend your citizenship. Upon confirmation, you will are treated as a citizen of a foreign country.

In the US Penal code, some actions that are dimmed treasonable. They include:

  • Sharing state secrets with an enemy country during a war.
  • Planning to carry out attacks within and without America.
  • Conspiring with enemies to attack any government installation; people or resources, key among them the President and his government.
  • Act contrary to the dictates of the US Constitution.

If the government confirms these allegations, besides being taken sued, your citizenship is revoked.

You can also choose to surrender your US citizenship voluntarily. It can be done by visiting any of the consulates or embassies across the world. If you decide to renounce your nationality, you lose all privileges of being an America. It also means you either become a citizen of another country, or stateless. In case you choose to come back, you will be forced to undergo the visa application process, just like other non-Americans.

Which Countries Can You Relocate to if you Renounce your US Citizenship?

Across the world, a holder of a US passport gains acceptance to the majority of countries. If you choose to relinquish your citizenship, some countries will be willing to welcome you into their shores. Some of them include Malta, St. Kitts and Nevis and Cyprus.


It is an Island in the Mediterranean region. It is considered a European territory, although it lies in the middle of Europe and Africa. The geographical area makes the country a haven for those who have renounced their citizenship. Some of the advantages of choosing Malta as your home is

  1. Maltese nationals can travel to over 124 countries without a Visa. In the first world countries, you can get the Visa on arrival. The World Passport Index ranked the Maltese Passport at Position 4 globally in 2019.
  2. The sunny beaches and warm climate along the Malta Coast are irresistible. The weather is suitable for leisure and general livelihoods. World’s Happiness Index ranks Malta among the top 50 countries to live. Low crime rates, pleasant climate, robust tourism industry and a steady economy awaits for those who would want to live in Malta.
  3. One can invest in Malta if he or she becomes a citizen. You are allowed to buy land, invest and indulge in any business opportunity. Tourism is a booming sector, and a substantial investment can reap in good returns.
  4. By virtue of being a Maltese citizen, you automatically become a European Citizen. You can travel to any part of the country in Europe without restriction.

St. Kitts and Nevis

They are islands found in the Caribbean region between North and South America. Stuck between the developing worlds, the Islands offer a good option if you would choose to make it your permanent residence. If you become a St. Kitts and Nevis citizen, you stand a chance to enjoy:

  • Owning properties – it offers the economic advantage of investing and wealth accumulation. Also, if you are looking for opportunities to invest, the Islands come in handy.
  • You can employ and be employed in any company in the country. You do not need a work permit. There are excellent career opportunities in the economy.
  • You can also take part in the political process that is, voting campaigning and appointed into political offices.
  • The strategic location of the Islands offers a central location for trade with North and South America.


Just like Malta, Cyprus is in the Mediterranean region. It is surrounded by the sea, South of Turkey. Greece is in its North West while Egypt lies in its South. The location places it in the middle of civilisation, thanks to its prehistoric importance on trade. The country provides a great second home for people who have renounced their American citizenship. They are exposed to:

  • Acceptance of the applicant and their families into Cyprus. They enjoy all civil liberties and rights as indigenes.
  • Permission to buy properties, invest and trade within the country and the rest of Europe.
  • You can travel to 122 countries without a visa and other 39 countries where you’ll get a visa upon arrival.
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