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Does Barbados Allow Dual Citizenship?

People seek dual citizenship for many reasons. Some are escaping economic or political hardship but want to maintain a connection to their homelands.

Others seek dual citizenship because of a lifestyle change or financial benefits that they can’t get back home.

Not every country in the world allows you to have dual citizenship. Some require you to forfeit your native allegiance before becoming one of their people.

Luckily, Barbados is one of those countries that allow you to be a dual citizen.

If you enjoy warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle, consider Barbados dual citizenship. This will allow you to turn your vacation retreat into your second home.

Ways to Obtain Barbados Dual Citizenship

There are five ways to obtain dual citizenship in Barbados. People can become citizens through birth, heritage, marriage, naturalization, and Act of Parliament.

Birth – Children born on Barbadian soil are citizens, regardless of the parents´ nationalities. If one or more parents is of another nationality, that child will be eligible for Barbados dual citizenship.

Heritage – Children born outside of the island to a Barbadian father can also be registered as citizens.

Marriage – Foreign women who marry a Barbadian man can apply for Barbados dual citizenship through marriage.

Naturalization – Residents can apply for Barbadian dual citizenship through naturalization if they have fulfilled two requirements. They must have resided on the island for the last 12 months consecutively. Before this period, they must also have resided on the island for a minimum of five of the last seven years.

Act of Parliament – If all else fails, you can also petition parliament to grant you citizenship.

Benefits of Barbados Dual Citizenship

There are many reasons to seek Barbados dual citizenship.

First, the obvious; the climate and geography are sublime. Becoming a Barbadian dual citizen gives you the freedom to enjoy the best the Caribbean has to offer. You´ll never have to show proof of a return ticket or update your visa again.

The infrastructure isn’t bad, either. Both the physical and social infrastructure of the island create an atmosphere of health, style, and security. The medical care is great, and the government and police are notoriously not-corrupt. Public transportation, streets and buildings are also well-maintained.

Then there is the economy. As the 3rd oldest parliament in the British Commonwealth, Barbados has a centuries-old reputation for a safe, stable, and transparent economy. The country´s consistent low rate of inflation and steady growth have it on track to become the world´s smallest developed country by 2025.

Speaking of the economy, those with Barbadian dual citizenship have the right to work freely. While the country offers both short-term and long-term work permit options, the competition for these spots is fierce.

With Barbadian dual citizenship, you won’t ever have to worry about recertifying your work permit or losing it completely because there is a local who can perform the same job as you.

If you want to own property, Barbadian dual citizenship will be helpful, as well. As a foreigner, you are required to apply for permission from the Central Bank of Barbados for each property that you wish to purchase. As a citizen, you do not need to do this.

Drawbacks of Barbados Dual Citizenship

There are few drawbacks to possessing a Barbados dual citizenship.

As with any country, you will be expected to pay taxes and serve in the military, if necessary, for both nations to which you claim allegiance. This can cause difficulties for some people who have Barbados dual citizenship, especially if Barbados, and the other country you have citizenship in go to war with one another.

Then there is the paperwork and legal bureaucracy involved in filing for your Barbados dual citizenship. While the country has significantly less red tape than many other countries, it can still be a long, confusing, and potentially expensive process.

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Barbados dual citizenship is a worthy option to consider if you are looking to be a citizen of multiple countries. This tiny island nation, only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, has lots to attract new citizens.

Whether you’re in the market for a laid-back island lifestyle with gorgeous sea views or a stable economy in which to invest, Barbados should merit your consideration.

There are a variety of ways to acquire Barbados dual citizenship, making your dream easier to achieve than in other places. As with any major legal change in your life, it’s always advisable to seek the assistance of professionals to ensure that everything goes quickly and smoothly.

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