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Finland Dual Citizenship

If you’re considering Finland dual citizenship, it’s a country that accepts this. As a foreigner seeking citizenship status in Finland, you will not be asked to renounce your current nationality.

However, if you are a citizen of Finland and you seek dual nationality in another country, you can potentially lose your Finnish citizenship at 22. This depends on if you can demonstrate a sufficient connection to your homeland.

Finland dual citizenship can be achieved in several ways. If one of your natural or adopted parents is already a citizen, or, you were born in Finland, you can apply. You can also achieve Finland dual citizenship through naturalization via an application.

Application for Finnish Citizenship

If you’d like to apply for Finland dual citizenship, it can be accomplished online. First, you need to meet several requirements.

Establish Your Identity

If you are 18 years of age, you are considered an adult. This allows you to apply for Finland dual citizenship. To properly establish your identity, provide an identification document such as a passport, or photo ID.

Language Skills

It is also necessary to demonstrate that you have adequate written and oral skills in Swedish or Finnish. Those who are hearing impaired can show this through sign language.

Length of Stay

How long have you been living in Finland? If you’d like to obtain Finland dual citizenship, you must meet the following requirements.

You’ve lived there for 5 uninterrupted years after the age of 18. Or, a total of 7 years after the age of 15. These do not have to be consecutive, but there’s a minimum of two, uninterrupted years.


Finland dual citizenship requires you to show the integrity of character. This means you have not been arrested. If you have been arrested, this can delay your dual citizenship, but you may still be eligible.

Payment Obligations

To gain dual citizenship in Finland, you must prove you will not be a financial burden on the country. This means proving you have paid your taxes, any fines, hospital fees, or outstanding student loans. That shows you are prepared to be a contributing member of society.

Source of Support

You will need to submit a form detailing how you will be supporting yourself. Provide a list of all your sources of income.

Application Documents

Baring no exceptions to your application, there are 3 general attachments you need to include for your Finland dual citizenship.

You’ll need to submit a valid identity document. Additionally, your certificate of language skills should be included as well as a statement of income.

Other Documents

If you’re requesting any exceptions, there are additional documents you must submit for Finland dual citizenship.

An exception to the period of residency requires a statement from your employee asking for the exception as well as from you, the employer.

If you’re looking for an exception on the language skill requirement, you will also require a statement from yourself and your employee. If there’s a medical condition preventing language acquisition, attach that as well.

A certificate of basic, elementary skills in either Finnish or Swedish plus proof of regularly participating in language studies. A certificate of literacy is also required.

Other Types of Status

If you are not eligible for Finland dual citizenship, there are other status types you can apply for.

Residence Permit

If you are coming to Finland from outside the EU and plan to stay for more than 90 days, you can apply for a residence permit. If your stay will be shorter than 90 days, but you plan to work, you’ll most likely need one.


To apply for asylum, you first must enter Finland. You cannot apply via email or through an embassy in another country.

When you arrive, inform the border control. They will register you as an asylum seeker and take your personal details. This means fingerprints, photographs, and your signature.

From here, the Immigration Service will determine to continue with the processing of your application. If so, you will receive an invitation to interview.

Once the interview is complete, a positive or negative decision will be reached. If negative, you must leave Finland. A positive outcome results in the protection granted.

Final Thoughts

Finland dual citizenship may be considered a challenge for some. Especially the language requirement. Learning a new language is difficult, no matter your age.

As long as you submit all the proper documents; your passport, language certification, and current income statement, you can begin your application.

Ensure you are 18 years of age or older and have lived in Finland for either 5 consecutive years. Or, once you’ve turned 15, a total of 7 years. Two consecutively most recently.

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