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Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, landlocked by Belgium, Germany, and France. It’s one of the safest countries to live in and the second richest in the world, so citizenship is quite coveted.

With, you’ll enjoy a streamlined process for obtaining Luxembourg dual citizenship. From this article, you’ll find out what you need to get a Luxembourg dual citizenship and its benefits.

Does Luxembourg Allow Dual Citizenship?

According to the Luxembourg Nationality Law, the country permits dual citizenship. Luxembourg dual citizenship requires meeting specific requirements for different types of citizenship. The jus sanguinis (blood right) principle, along with jus soli (law of the soil), plays a significant part in Luxembourgish citizenship.

If you don’t qualify for those two, there are other ways to get citizenship. These include marriage, naturalisation, and making a significant investment in the country. Qualifying for either of these depends on your eligibility. Those who meet the requirements can apply for Luxembourg dual citizenship.

How Do You Get Luxembourg Dual Citizenship?

Since there are different types of citizenships you can apply for; you can explore each to find the one you best qualify for. The different types of citizenships in Luxembourg are:

By Birth

Adults with Luxembourgish parents, grandparents, or adoptive parents qualify. Evidence of descent, like a birth certificate or passport, should be included in the application process.

By Marriage

By marrying a citizen of Luxembourg, you’ll qualify for citizenship. You’ll also need to take the language exam and the Living Together in Luxembourg course or test.

By Naturalisation

Luxembourg dual citizenship by naturalisation applies to people who have lived in the country. Naturalisation has many conditions to qualify for citizenship. Good knowledge of the country’s culture and living in the country for a certain amount of time are two of the requirements.

By Investment

Citizenship by investment involves investing money in property or businesses within Luxembourg.

Luxembourg dual citizenship by investment requires the candidate to invest:

  • At least €500,000 for existing companies registered in Luxembourg
  • At least €500,000 for new businesses registered in Luxembourg
  • At least €3 million as investment funds
  • At least €20 million as a bank deposit with a financial institution established in Luxembourg

Eligibility Requirements

Citizenship by birth is often automatic for children of citizens of Luxembourg. To qualify for citizenship by marriage, the candidate must have been a resident in Luxembourg for at least three years.

Marriage fast-tracks naturalisation, a legal process that requires being a resident for at least ten years. Naturalisation also requires passing tests and candidates over 18 without a criminal record.

Documents Needed

The documents required during the application for Luxembourg dual citizenship vary. This is a result of the different avenues available to become a citizen. Usually, the supporting documents submitted with citizenship applications include:

  • A full copy of your birth certificate
  • Copy of a valid passport or ID
  • Criminal records (if any exist) from a reputable source
  • Language and Living Together test certificates
  • Biographical information, detailing how long you’ve lived in Luxembourg and your profession

The procedure goes faster if you meet requirements and submit applications with all documentation. The application is free of charge, although you may need to pay for the preparation of the required documentation.

Benefits of Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Besides getting the best of both worlds (or nationalities, as it were), dual citizenship offers many benefits in general. These range from fewer travel restrictions to better job opportunities.

There are many benefits to having dual citizenship in a country as progressive as Luxembourg. As Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world, being a citizen there gives you a sense of security. Some examples are:

  • The option to live and work in Luxembourg without needing work permits or visa
  • Freedom of movement to 187 countries including Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Japan, without the need for a visa
  • The ability to own property in Luxembourg

Like many others, Luxembourg dual citizenship does come with some disadvantages. These include double taxation and responsibilities to Luxembourg. Your allegiance must also be to Luxembourg, instead of another country. With all this you will be surprised, there are actually countries in Europe where you can live without paying taxes.


There are different types of Luxembourg dual citizenship depends on your eligibility. With the introduction of the Luxembourg Nationality Law in 2008, getting citizenship became much easier. has comprehensive information useful for anyone considering dual citizenship. We also give you information on the benefits and disadvantages of dual citizenship so you’ll know what to expect. Contact us and register so we can assist you when going through the Luxembourg dual citizenship process.

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