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Spain Dual Citizenship

Spain is a beautiful country, known for its beaches. It also has amazing architecture and a rich historical tradition. Spain is an excellent place to invest or develop a business. Yet it can be challenging to take advantage of these opportunities if you are not a citizen of Spain. The good news is that Spain is one of many countries that allow people to hold dual citizenship. If you are looking for a fresh start in a new country, a unique business opportunity, or a place to retire, you may want to consider whether Spain dual citizenship could be right for you.

Dual Citizenship Regulations

Spain dual citizenship can be obtained in several specific situations. The first case is for those who are already citizens of Spain. All Spanish-born citizens can hold dual citizenship. To take advantage of this option, they must declare their desire to continue with the Spanish nationality within three years of acquiring another nationality.

There are exceptions to this rule for natural-born citizens of Iberoamerican countries, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines, Portugal. These exceptions also apply to citizens of any other country with which Spain has a bilateral agreement. Citizens of the listed countries do not have to declare their desire to remain citizens of Spain. So, one of the easiest ways to get Spain dual citizenship is to be born in Spain.

If you were not born in Spain, there are other options for acquiring Spain dual citizenship. Citizens of other nations may acquire Spanish citizenship, depending on the country of their first citizenship. In the case of U.S. citizens, Spain requires that they renounce their U.S. citizenship. However, this is not usually enough for the American to lose their U.S. citizenship.

Spain will view the individual as only a Spanish citizen, while the U.S, will still consider the person to be a U.S. citizen. In practical terms, the individual would have Spain dual citizenship. The process of obtaining dual citizenship can be more complex for foreigners than for Spanish nationals, and it is essential to rely on expert advice to ensure success.

Who Qualifies to Become a Citizen of Spain?

If you were not born a Spanish citizen, you can get Spain dual citizenship by meeting designated criteria. If one of your parents is a Spanish citizen, you have a right to become a citizen as well, no matter where you were born. You may also have a right to Spain dual citizenship if your guardian is a Spanish citizen. This is also the case if you were adopted as an adult by a citizen of Spain. You must claim your right to citizenry within two years after your eighteenth birthday or emancipation. The application process can be long and complicated, and it is recommended that you hire a specialist to help navigate the process.

Spain dual citizenship by naturalisation is an option for others. If you have lived in Spain for ten years, or five years for refugees, you could be a candidate for naturalisation. The requirement drops to two years for citizens of Iberoamerica, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, and Portugal.

If you are a Sephardi Jew, you can get Spain dual citizenship by naturalisation after two years of living in Spain. If you have been married to a citizen of Spain and have resided in Spain for at least one year, you can also apply for naturalisation. To help you get through the naturalisation process, consider working with someone who has specialised expertise in the subject of Spain dual citizenship.

What You Need to Know About the Process

Citizenship issues can be very difficult to understand, and it is vital to be sure you have the correct information before proceeding. Many applicants find that a lack of knowledge leads to rejected documents. This can slow down the process of obtaining citizenship. If you are thinking about acquiring Spain dual citizenship, please contact us at

We can give you more information or arrange for an initial personal consultation. We are happy to help international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship as smoothly as possible. Rely on our combined expertise in this specialised field. Spain dual citizenship could be the next step to making your dreams come true.

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