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Ukraine Dual Citizenship

Along with Ukraine’s independence, came the ban of dual citizenship. The law against Ukraine dual citizenship came into effect as a way to prevent Russia from exploiting it. Since the context around this law has changed in recent years, the constitution may be amended.

The status of a naturalized Ukrainian still affords someone all regular rights and opportunities of a native citizen. However, there are some restrictions. One of these restrictions lies in the right to vote in an election.

Keep reading for more information about the current legal state of Ukraine dual citizenship and the possible changes to come.

Ukraine Dual Citizenship

The law does not currently acknowledge Ukraine dual citizenship as legal. Ukrainian law states that after acquiring citizenship, you have 2 years to renounce any other citizenships. This time is the only period during which Ukraine dual citizenship is legal.

According to law, any citizens within the Ukrainian boundaries are only Ukrainian citizens. Regardless of how many passports they hold.

As mentioned previously, in the past, legalizing Ukraine dual citizenship came with great potential threat levels. As a result, this restriction came as a necessary security measure. Analysts sparked discussions regarding Ukraine dual citizenship when they found a great diminishment in these potential threats.

Different Types of Ukraine Citizenship

Currently, there are several ways to gain Ukraine dual citizenship. These are the four ways to become a citizen of Ukraine:


To qualify for Ukraine citizenship by descent, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • If one or both parents are registered refugees under Ukrainian law
  • If at least one parent is a citizen of Ukraine
  • If you are born in Ukraine to non-citizens legally residing in Ukraine
  • If you are born in Ukraine with parents unknown


For citizenship by naturalization, you must prove that you:

  • Legally resided in Ukraine for a minimum of five years
  • Have a functional understanding of the Ukrainian language
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the Ukrainian constitution


The following three circumstances qualify for citizenship by registration:

  • If you have no other citizenship and have at least one parent or grandparent that is Ukrainian by birth
  • If citizens adopt you
  • Have no other citizenship under the conditions stated in the Statute of Citizenship

Immigration Through Investment

Currently, there is a law allowing foreign investors to apply for citizenship or permanent residence. The process is easier than other methods and includes family members.

Benefits of citizenship through investment include risk-free investment and free reign to work in the country. You’ll also aren’t taxed on worldwide income and free state education for family members.

To qualify for this permit, the investor must have a Ukraine registered business. You’ll also need an open bank account and $100,000 in the account. In addition, the applicant must hold a valid passport and no criminal record.

Future Law on Ukraine Dual Citizenship

If the Ukraine dual citizenship law pass, it should cover the 28 countries of the European Union. In turn, EU countries may develop stricter citizenship requirements.

There isn’t an exact way for state officials to know of a second passport without checking each citizen. This may become a part of the administrative process of Ukraine.

The first step taken to legalizing Ukraine dual citizenship came from the Ukrainian president. He recently instructed that officials grant citizenship to any Ukrainian national living abroad.

Potential Risks and Advantages

While there may not be any negative impacts for the individual, there are some potential risks for the state. National security is one of the main concerns in this regard. Additionally, dual citizenship makes it possible for criminals to avoid prosecution. This occurs if the perpetrator of the crime leaves the country.

Alternatively, the legalization of dual citizenship could help Ukraine’s integration into the European Union. This could provide Ukrainian citizens more freedom in finding a job and educational opportunities. Individuals could have access to better health care, real estate possibilities, as well as better social and economic advantages.

Final Conclusion

Should Ukraine dual citizenship be legalized, it will allow foreign Ukrainians to maintain a connection to their homeland. For a native Ukrainian living in a foreign land, remaining a citizen maintains a sense of belonging with the country.

Since the circumstances around Ukraine dual citizenship have evolved recently, we can remain appropriately optimistic that the law itself will too.

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