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Henley and Partners Malta Citizenship

The international reputation of professional companies and individuals can reach new standards of excellence in the age of globalization. Many seek to overcome any geographical or political limitations tied to native citizenship whether for their educational or entrepreneurial goals or to improve their overall quality of life. In the contemporary context, one of the best ways to pursue recreational, educational or business pursuits through international travel is to participate in the citizenship by investment or residence by investment programs offered by various countries.

Through these programs, a candidate can procure a citizenship and passport to gain access to different countries and the liberty of visa-free travel to a large part of the world. Simultaneously, applicants can avail of the lucrative opportunity of establishing a second home in an exotic location and enjoy significant tax benefits on such investments.

Henley and Partners Malta Citizenship Programs

International travel has become vital to creating, preserving and perpetuating wealth in the country. With some countries providing superior educational and career opportunities, many individuals relocate across borders, whereas others are forced to migrate due to instances of conflict, political instability or natural disasters.

Often the high net worth individuals relocate to more peaceful and picturesque locations to enjoy a grander and more comfortable standard of life. Regardless of the reasons for relocating, migrants are met with varying levels of flexibility when it comes to facilitating entry within its territory. Thus, passport index and global rankings play an essential role in boosting global mobility. Enhanced visa policies or the waiving of visas altogether facilitate access to certain countries, with passports of a higher perceived ranking offering more advantages than lower-ranking ones. The easiest route to indulge in such benefits would be by acquiring the relevant citizenship.

An individual’s citizenship is based on the location of their birth, their family’s descent and any lengthy periods of residence in a specific country. Due to programs offering citizenship via investment, now it is possible for anyone who has the affordability, to acquire the citizenship of participating countries. Highly popular programs for residency and citizenship are available for certain countries such as Cyprus, Antigua, Barbuda and Malta, providing extensive benefits to eligible candidates who make certain investments.

Despite the simple and straightforward application processes for these programs, it is crucial for individuals to determine the ideal citizenship program to reap the maximum benefits from the investment made. Expert advice and timely help are key to making a judicious call.

With over two decades of expertise and experience in the field of residence and citizenship planning, Henley and Partners provide globally recognized advice and guidance in choosing and applying to the right citizenship program.

The firm curates the interests and needs of various high net worth individuals and then directs them to the bespoke citizenship programs that suit the client’s demands the best. Pioneering the creation and key to growing popularity of citizenship and residency planning is Henley and Partners. They have earned the trust of numerous governments through a reputation as a leading advisory group. Their Malta Office is an example of one of the busiest offices of the firm with the widespread success of the Henley and Partners Malta Citizenship by investment program.

The Henley and Partners Malta Citizenship program is counted amongst their most popular and successful projects, with an exceptional application success rate. They have taken an active role in developing the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP) and have been granted a public services concession by the government for the purposes of designing, implementing, and promoting the program. Recognized globally as the leader in the realm of residence and citizenship planning, Henley and Partners Malta programs have garnered a lot of positive attention all across the world and currently feature in the top of the citizenship programs list globally.

Life in Malta

Nestled strategically in the stunning waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago of Malta is renowned for its delightful conditions and captivating scenery. Malta is a highly coveted tourist destination by virtue of the mesmerizing cliffs, coves and the serene waters that surround the island. Moreover, its flourishing economy and stable governance make Malta an ideal place to reside, thrive, and retire in. Joining the European Union as a member state back in 2004, Malta has grown in desirability as a destination for settling down for many expats. Citizenship for Malta is amongst the most sought after, with a fourth place ranking for its passport in the Passport Index.

According to the Global Citizenship Program index 2019, Malta features as number one with a score of 79. Malta also holds an impressive rank of world number 6th with regards to the Global Residence Program Index. With a Maltese passport, citizens can enjoy visa-free travel across 124 different countries and a visa granted on arrival in a further 41 locations. A Malta Citizenship by Investment as well as the Malta Residency programs offer the benefit of visa-free travel across the Schengen Area and the acquisition of an EU residence card.

Owing to its location between North Africa and Europe, Malta boasts convenient links via air and sea. Availing of Henley and Partners Malta citizenship programs can prove to be highly profitable. You can gain a Maltese passport via a fuss-free process, which simply requires the applicant to own property in the country, make a contribution to the Maltese government and invest in their bonds.

The Benefits of Gaining a Citizenship in Malta

A Malta citizenship offers numerous benefits, making amongst the most sought after and popular programs for citizenship. The advantages include:

  • The ability to travel visa-free to 124 counties, alongside visa on arrival in a further 41 destinations, which includes the U.S.
  • Permanent EU citizenship for life, providing the holder of the Maltese passport with the opportunity to establish themselves in any of the 28 EU countries and Switzerland.
  • There is no requirement to reside permanently in Malta to be granted citizenship
  • Applicants do not need to complete any language or citizenship tests in this program
  • There is no requirement for military service
  • The applicant is not required to make tax payments unless they have lived in the country for over six months
  • The process of application is fast-tracked, with approval being granted in around 3-4 months and the completion of the process occurring within the space of a year
  • An individual’s application is inclusive of their spouse, their children and any other dependents they may have on making the requisite payments
  • Descendants of the Maltese citizen will automatically inherit a citizenship of their own
  • Applicants benefits from the country’s convenient air links and connectivity with the rest of the world
  • A comfortable lifestyle in a stable country with a prosperous political climate

Dual Citizenship

Maltese law does not require the applicants to renounce their primary citizenships in order to hold a Maltese citizenship and applicants may hold passports of both nations. However, while Malta permits dual citizenship, it is crucial to ensure that the country of origin of the applicant allows the taking on of a second citizenship.

Henley and Partners Malta Passport Strength

Henley and Partners are renowned for identifying comprehensive global trends in terms of passport strengths, and the credibility of residence and citizenship programs. One of the most salient services of Henley and Partners is their highly qualitative Global Passport Index.

The Henley Passport Index reports highlight the global trends in terms of passport strengths and follow a specific methodology to derive the rankings. These comprehensive reports not only provide an insight into the relative position of one nation versus the other but also highlight regional trends and the factors that triggered off such trends. The index is made according to the data supplied by the International Air Transport Authority or IATA and which undergoes diligent research and monitoring in order to maintain the accuracy of the information.

The Henley Passport Index has been a one of a kind publication and has time and again been used by international organizations and governments across the world for their respective reference. According to the Henley Passport Index, a Maltese passport is considered amongst the world’s top 10 most powerful, granting the holder with travel visa-free or a visa on-arrival in 165 destinations.

Not only does a Maltese passport make travel far simpler and more straightforward, but it also opens up the potential to enjoy a relaxed and quality lifestyle. Although Malta is a small country, it boasts an effective government and security within its infrastructure. High standards are maintained across its public services, including transportation, health services, education and telecommunications. The country has also seen consistent growth across its industries in the last few decades. Its convenient proximity to parts of Europe ensures a contemporary and quality standard of life, with lower associated costs than its European counterparts. Taxes in Malta are also considerably lower than other countries, and charges against foreign nations are levied on remittance only.

The pleasant and favourable climate of Malta makes a welcome contrast to the colder weather found in other areas of Europe. The country’s international reputation is held in high regard and includes memberships to multiple organizations on an international level, such as the European Union, Eurozone, United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. Business and trade prospects are mostly profitable thanks to Malta’s membership with the European Free Trade Association.

Eligibility Requirements To Apply For Malta Citizenship

As active architects of the citizenship programs, the Henley and Partners Malta office lays great emphasis on the eligibility requirements of the citizenship programs so as to evoke assured results on the Malta citizenship applications.

  • The individual must be of minimum 18 years old
  • They must have met all the requirements outlined in the application
  • Possession of a primary citizenship, valid travel documentation and the necessary policy for health insurance is required
  • The individual’s application must be legitimately based and not against the public interest.

Other than the eligibility criteria mentioned above, two additional requirement categories apply to the Henley and Partners Malta residence and citizenship programs, including financial and general requirements. These include a clear criminal record which has been verified by the relevant sources, alongside certification providing evidence of good health. The financial obligations are more elaborate, and the Henley and Partners Malta office explains the strategies behind the different required investments.

It must be noted that the overall application process requires applicants to only make investment payments once they have received the Maltese government’s precursory approval of their application.

The Henley and Partners Malta advisors divide the financial requirements under three different categories:

  • A contribution payment to the National Development and Social Fund in Malta
  • A minimum donation of approximately €150,000 or $168,682 in shares, bonds, securities or debentures which have approval from the country’s government and are listed in the government stock exchange
  • An investment into property within the country and a commitment to maintain it for at least five years in Malta, with no intention to let or sublet the real estate during that period.

Applicants may also incur other related expenditures. These include the submission of around €7,500 ($8,434) in due diligence fees, an additional €5,000 ($5,622) for family members, including spouses, parents or dependent children, or €3,000 ($3,373) for children that are aged between 13-17 years of age. These investments are dependent on the applicant’s individual needs and the citizenship route they opt for, as is explained by the Henley and Partners Malta office.

Applying for the Maltese Citizenship

Overall, an applicant may avail of either the Individual Investor Program (IIP) or the Indefinite Residency Visa Program (IRVP) route to apply for Maltese citizenship as recommended by the Henley and Partners Malta citizenship experts.

Successful candidates on the IRVP route can enjoy indefinite leave in Malta, alongside the many benefits offered to EU Schengen nation citizens. IRVP applicants must make a contribution payment of €250,000 in government equities or bonds for a period of five years. An additional €30,000 investment to the State Funds of Malta and the purchase or rental tenancy of a local property is also required. A €40,000 processing fee may also apply. The IRVP route to gain a secondary Maltese citizenship is a popular one and offers applicants an impressively ranked passport, fast processing and reasonable fees.

The Individual Investor Program grants applicants with full citizenship and at an investment cost of €650,000, which is paid to government’s Malta National Development Fund, as well as a government contribution of €150,000 via approved bonds or stocks. Furthermore, applicants must invest in a local Maltese property with a value of at least €350,000. The successful applicant can also include the ability to pass their Citizenship by Investment onto their immediate family. One has to bear in mind though that a €25,000 National Development Fund contribution payment for each family member applies. Applicants on this program can expect Maltese citizenship within a period of 12 months.

After successfully being approved on either of the above two programs, a candidate can avail of a wide selection of benefits. Applicants on either program will receive a certificate serving them with a residence permit in Malta. The applicants beneficiaries and registered dependents are also permitted to reside and stay in the country for five years, renewable indefinitely, in the case of Citizenship by residency program and indefinitely for applicants in the Citizenship by investment program. Since the country is involved in the Schengen Area Agreement, candidates participating in the program will also be able to travel freely within the Schengen area, without having to apply for any permit. As a result of this, beneficiaries can enjoy access to career and educational prospects that apply exclusively to citizens within the EU. This certificate is subject to review on an annual basis for the initial five year period starting from the date of issue from the Malta Government, and then every five years after.

Why Apply for Maltese Citizenship?

Residents in Malta can enjoy a high quality lifestyle, owing partly to its picturesque landscapes and pleasant year-round climate. This makes it a desirable destination for those passionate about nature but who still want to pursue professional prospects.

That’s because Malta also boasts a secure economy and attractive taxation system. As well as having taxes that are relatively lower than other countries in Europe, Malta also offers the opportunity to benefit from business projects with other EU member states with no strict border controls, thanks to the European Free Trade Association.

One of the country’s most vital industries is tourism, which contributes approximately 15 percent of its GDP. In addition, Malta benefits from a strong financial and banking sector, remaining relatively robust during the ‘Great Recession’.

Finally, while many countries introduce strict border controls which impact both educational and professional progress of various individuals, Malta is able to offer home to the younger generations from across the world. A wide variety of benefits are available due to the high ranking of the Malta passport and citizenship, and applicants are not required to give up the citizenship of their native country. Taking all this into consideration, a Malta citizenship with Henley and Partners is sure to be a wise investment for securing the future.

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