How To Not Pay Federal Income Tax

The more money an individual has, the more he/she desires. It is said that “money saved is money earned”. Many times, taxes take up a big chunk of a person’s income and give it to the government. Even though taxes are a major moral and ethical responsibility of every citizen towards their country, there is […]

Perpetual Traveler

The idea of a perpetual traveler is based on the theory that if a person keeps moving to different countries continuously and does not stay in one place long enough, he/she may be able to garner additional benefits in various domains. The domains include saving of tax-payment and social security deposits, avoiding compulsory military service […]

Why Set Up A Company In A Tax Haven?

Generally, a tax haven is referred to as a place or country with low effective tax rates, especially for foreigners and foreign investors. Making investments in an offshore opportunity or in a country that is also a tax haven or setting up a different company offshore to enjoy tax-benefits of that tax haven is a […]

Europe Without Paying Taxes

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. Despite that, it attracts a huge number of tourists. At least 7 out of the world’s top 10 most visited countries are in Europe and they see almost 480 million international visitors per year, for various purposes. Well-built infrastructure, cultural diversity & inclusion, and international interactions […]

World’s Four Tax Systems

Taxes are an important part of financial planning. Where there is income, there is taxation. Every individual who manages their finances and has a source of income in a particular country should account for taxes as a part of financial planning. In order to do that, it is important to understand the different tax systems […]

Beckham Law

Spain is one of the best and most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Their love and support for their national sport of football is unmatched. Spain’s tax haven also provides opportunities for foreign workers to save taxes while working and investing in Spain. No wonder they named a law by the name of […]

Tax-free Countries

Taxes are a universal burden. Everywhere in the world, everyone is paying a variety of taxes, knowingly or unknowingly. People who are a citizen of more than one country sometimes end up paying double taxes, depending on the countries. The process of paying taxes is also a challenge in a lot of countries. Given the […]

Hybrid Companies

Entrepreneurship is gaining rapid popularity and with many competitors in the market in virtually every industry, entrepreneurs need every advantage they can get. Combining a citizenship by investment with hybrid companies has emerged as an advantageous combination. Hybrid companies are companies formed by a combination of two types of members, namely, shareholders and warrantors. The […]

Malta Tax Rate

Malta is a hidden gem, an island, most popular for its weather, UNESCO world heritage site temples, and breathtaking coastline. Malta also permits its residents to hold dual citizenship. Getting citizenship in Malta is not a difficult task. In fact, Malta is a hot spot for people seeking second citizenship by investment. Being a citizen […]

Switzerland Tax Rate

Switzerland is known to be an ideal investment destination. Switzerland is a federal republic which means the federal constitution delegates the powers to the federal state, also known as the Confederation. The Swiss Confederation, the Cantons and the Municipalities are the major bodies that levy taxes in Switzerland. Obtaining residency or citizenship by investment in […]

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