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St. Kitts and Nevis decreases government fees for buying citizenship

Citizenship highlights the connection of an individual with a state. The citizen is required to uphold the laws and culture of the said country and in turn he/she is granted the freedom to work, vote and own property. There are three traditional ways of acquiring citizenship and these are through birth, marriage and naturalization. Naturalization […]

3 Famous Stars Obtaining Second Citizenships

Everyone is a citizen somewhere, and a passport defines your identity, where you come from, where you can visit, or invest. Dual citizenship is increasing in popularity, especially with the high net worth individuals, who wish to get a second passport to expand their financial options. Getting a second citizenship will substantially increase your lifestyle […]

What are the most tax-friendly second passports?

Secondary citizenship has allowed many people to be united on grounds of descent and living in a particular place for a significant period of time. This isn’t to say that one is not taxed but the good thing is that some countries allow one to be a second citizen without making them pay a great […]

How many citizenships can one person have?

Every country has its laws when it comes to citizenship. Allowing for double citizenship has been a debate over the years in many countries. Many developed countries allow dual citizenship while others restrict the double nationality. Other countries grant dual nationality but with special conditions and only on exceptional cases. Some countries grant citizenship in […]

How the Ultra Rich are Escaping Lockdowns by Buying Passports

The coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has come with its fair share of challenges, especially for travellers. Many people have found themselves in situations where they are unable to move around due to lockdown restrictions. There are acute and profound consequences on the immigration of the COVid-19 pandemic. COVID-related restrictions and strict border controls have […]

World’s Most Powerful Passport during Coronavirus times

Anyone who wants to travel internationally requires a vital document called a passport. However, how is the UK passport compared with other countries’ passports? Passport Index from Henley covers passports from all over the world in the first ranking based on how many destinations their holders will enter without obtaining previous visas. Effects of coronavirus […]

How To Not Pay Federal Income Tax

The more money an individual has, the more he/she desires. It is said that “money saved is money earned”. Many times, taxes take up a big chunk of a person’s income and give it to the government. Even though taxes are a major moral and ethical responsibility of every citizen towards their country, there is […]

Perpetual Traveler

The idea of a perpetual traveler is based on the theory that if a person keeps moving to different countries continuously and does not stay in one place long enough, he/she may be able to garner additional benefits in various domains. The domains include saving of tax-payment and social security deposits, avoiding compulsory military service […]

Why Set Up A Company In A Tax Haven?

Generally, a tax haven is referred to as a place or country with low effective tax rates, especially for foreigners and foreign investors. Making investments in an offshore opportunity or in a country that is also a tax haven or setting up a different company offshore to enjoy tax-benefits of that tax haven is a […]

Europe Without Paying Taxes

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. Despite that, it attracts a huge number of tourists. At least 7 out of the world’s top 10 most visited countries are in Europe and they see almost 480 million international visitors per year, for various purposes. Well-built infrastructure, cultural diversity & inclusion, and international interactions […]

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