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What is the Fastest Permanent Residence in Europe

Citizenship builds a connection between the applicant and a country. Individuals get the civil rights essential for their prosperity and welfare through naturalisation or citizenship by birth. People interested in getting citizenship and residency in Europe have diverse opportunities now more than ever. The options depend on the amount of money and time you willing to spend to reach your goal. One such way is through investments.

In many cases, second citizenship by investment involves enlarging your business by allowing you to access various resources and markets. Multiple countries in Europe have programs that would enable non-natives to get unique citizenship through investments.

There are many benefits associated with second citizenship. You get the opportunity to have another home in a different country. Also, you can access amenities and services, just like a native. This includes opportunities in both education, employment, cuisine, climate, and culture. If you own a business in a foreign country, you have the upper hand in investing in other opportunities that might arise inside or outside your area of specialisation. Another vital virtue that comes with acquired citizenship is personal liberty.

Several countries are offering second citizenship through investment. The countries have transparent naturalisation processes that you should follow to be admitted. Most people prefer this method as it has less restriction and opens up more chances for business opportunities. It also helps you do away with hide and seek that characterises illegal stay in a foreign country.

The process works best if you have a temporary work permit or visa. It speeds up the procedure of obtaining citizenship without interrupting your life. It will also not affect the relationship with your country of origin. Most countries offering citizenship by investment are members of the EU or located close to Europe. Thanks to the EU’s open trade policy, it widens the advantage of acquiring citizenship in any European nation. Malta and Cyprus top the list of countries in Europe accepting citizenship by investment.


Malta is a beautiful country, famous for its breath-taking landscapes and pleasant weather. Thanks to its efficient governance and booming economy, it is an ideal place to stay, flourish, and even retire. It is also one of the best tourist destinations in Europe.

Acquiring Maltese citizenship has the following benefits:

  • Its passport index ranks 4th among the desired worldwide. It facilitates access to 124 countries without requiring a visa. You can travel across 41 nations that use visas upon arrival, such as the United States.
  • Malta has an excellent infrastructure with well-established political institutions. This facilitates cordial relationships with her neighbours and other first world countries.
  • Its geographical position opens up the country to the world through air and sea.
  • Malta’s international relations are improving significantly due to its strategic relationship with world organizations. Key among them is the European Union and the United Nations. It has, in turn, improved its ranking globally
  • The time required to process your documents is 3-4 months, which is relatively shorter compared to other countries. However, it is so vigorous that only worthy applicants go through successfully. Any person with a questionable past cannot go through.
  • The applicant does not need to enlist into activities such as joining military service, community work, or any other social service. Also, the process does not require permanent residence in Malta. You can go and come at any time.


Cyprus is another beautiful Mediterranean island widely known for its scenic beauty of clear water and crisp sand. Its natural features make it unique for outdoor lovers. Cyprus is the perfect place to explore diverse cultures, learn much history, and get new experiences. Acquiring second citizenship by investment in Cyprus has a handful of advantages.

  • Its calm political climate and stability allow you to stay in the country peacefully.
  • Investment in strategic sectors, such as the tourism industry, offers naturalised citizens opportunities for investment.
  • Immigration and tax policies in the country create a conducive environment for many business entities.
  • Frank Knight Global Lifestyle Review awarded Cyprus as the fifth best country worldwide to relocate.
  • By acquiring their quality passport, you can travel to 122 visa-free countries and 39 nations requiring visas on arrival. Being a member of the EU, its citizens can benefit from travelling, learning, and working in member states.
  • It provides more professional and educational opportunities to the Cyprus citizens.
  • Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship by investments is the easiest method of gaining EU citizenship. Approval of your citizenship application takes about six months. The applicants also enjoy retaining their original citizenship, low tax rates, and free trade openings within Europe.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis are islands found in the Caribbean Islands. They are associated with the spectacular, jaw-dropping mountains, golden sands, and smooth waters. St. Kitts and Nevis are among the earliest nations from the Caribbean region to accept European Union citizenship by investment. The application procedure stress-free, straightforward, and smooth compared to the processes in other countries. The process is rigorous, open, and credible.

Some of the requirements for qualification include;-

  • Investing about $200,000 to $400,000 in a government certified real estate expansion.
  • Participate in pool funding towards the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF).
  • You will also have to contribute a non-refundable fee to the Sustainable Growth Fund. This fund supports the future visions of the nation. The advantage of this scheme is not only benefits you as the primary applicant, but also to your dependents.

If you are a naturalised citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, you can travel to 152 nations, which are members of the EU. This is either through granting visas on arrival or by visa-free access.


In recent years, the second citizenship by investment program has seen incredible growth. As the host country grows, the naturalised citizens can enjoy the serenity and ambiance. The 3 islands in perspective follow this route as the resources realised grow their economies.

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