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World’s Most Powerful Passport during Coronavirus times

Anyone who wants to travel internationally requires a vital document called a passport. However, how is the UK passport compared with other countries’ passports? Passport Index from Henley covers passports from all over the world in the first ranking based on how many destinations their holders will enter without obtaining previous visas.

Effects of coronavirus on passports

Over the last couple of years, the freedom of worldwide movement has been the greatest in history. The total number of countries a person is free to tour before getting a visa has just about multiplied since 2006.

Nevertheless, the global Coronavirus epidemic has led to widespread cancellations, indefinite bans of visas, lock-downs, and worldwide controlled immigration.

Christian Kälin suggests that the pandemic could affect how countries want to enforce their visa policies. Thee situation may go back to being healthy after the outbreak.

The ranking of passports according to the number of countries which grant visa-free access to or with a visa on arrival was classified by Henley Passport Index. The threat of a COVID-19 epidemic has led to significant improvements in the global rating of passports, with 93% of the population worldwide residing in nations with a Coronavirus international travel prohibition. The 2020 Henley Passport Index reveals this year’s top four places rank were as follows; Japan, Henley, Singapore, South Korea not forgetting Germany.

The global visa data indicates that a visitor may visit an average number of countries with no visa or a visa when their arrival time is 107. It is an incredible improvement from the Henley Passport Index average of 58 cities in 2006.

Japan has the most travel-friendly passport in the world. At the beginning of 2020, its citizens were allowed to enter 191 different countries with a Japanese passport without the need for> advance visa ranking at position one. Secondly, With 190 nations, was Singapore, followed by South Korea and Germany rank 3rd with and forth consecutively. Updates on the list are on time to reflect real changes in visa policy.

Everything has temporarily changed after the occurrence of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The effect of COVID-19 on passport strength: The short term of the Coronavirus epidemic has made the travel-compatible ability of passport be leveled.

At the beginning of 2020, passports of Italy, as well as Spain, were ranked 4th in the world, enabling their citizens to access entry into 188 countries even without having a visa prior. Both countries have, however, been severely affected, but the endemic and both governments have locked up as well as closed down borders to prevent the disease from spreading when people are traveling.

What this means is that passports from Bangladesh, which at the beginning of the Year was regarded as a weak passport for traveling freely without the need for a visa, now enables people to move more quickly than a Spanish passport. Kälin said the epidemic might have implications for international visas as well as flights even when the crisis is over.

“If you take a look into the current endemic, health aspects— the health system quality, emergency care quality, health insurance, as well as good service access — have suddenly sprung up. Health aspects are never considered on visa policy” Kälin said.

“When you glance at this new issue, health issues have come up suddenly. Topics included include the quality of the health care system, crises, access to treatment, and safe service. Up to this point, that’s never been a visa decision concern, “said Kälin.

Economic and geopolitical considerations such as their relations and interests in tourism promotion were based on countries’ visa policies before COVID-19. Health security may be an essential consideration for sovereign states and if visa policies are changed.

Limitations of the Passport Index

A significant drawback of this program is that countries offering visa exemption as they arrive in different nationalities aren’t generally desirable choices. The Passport Index isn’t the only way of calculating freedom of travel or diplomatic influence for a country.

In the USA, but also North Korea, the same range on the index allows the same number of people from the same nation to visit beforehand without a visa. For both leisure and trade, the USA is regarded as a more preferred location, thus attracting many more tourists.

Another issue with the Henley Passport Index involves short-stay visas to the countries without permission, without taking into consideration moving to other countries. Japanese passports, which are first listed on the index, require Japanese people to enter 191 countries free of visa, thus requiring them to stay in some other country other than Japan.

In comparison, the EU or Caribbean Group country passports permit their members to reside with their corresponding international institutions in a wide range of several other member nations.

The disparity between Cyprus and Malta offers a clear illustration of how the passport power varies from the standard of citizenship index that represents the rights to citizenship, namely GDP, economic growth, and peace and tranquility. In passport power terms, both nations are similar.

Scotland is sixth in the Henley Index, and the seventh position is Great Britain. The probability of this change won’t happen, especially after Brexit, as British people are unlikely to be pressured into EU visas.

Therefore, British People will not be allowed to stay, study, or work within the EU without a visa or permit, which ensures that the United Kingdom loses its standard index scores.

Malta, together with other countries, tied at number 8 to permit its citizens to enter more than 184 states. Kitts and Nevis, as well as Cyprus, did not appear in the top ten states that allow its citizens to access molecules. However, among all CBI countries, Malta has the highest transparent passport investment scheme names of IIP citizens in gazette every year to the public.

An annual report regarding IIP, an abbreviation for the Individual Investor program, publishes all details about received applications, diligence, and citizenship applications that have been approved to different people. What is also posted by Malta is IIP citizen names year public every year. Kitts Nevis, they also have the best transparent citizenship with regards to investment.


Before traveling abroad, it is advisable to check your visa regardless of the destination, mainly because the requirements of the permission might alter depending on the purpose of travel and visa policies because passport power can change with time.

No matter where you are going, especially abroad, visa requirements should always be checked before traveling because visa requirements may vary depending on the aim of travel and a policy. Thus passport power may change with time.

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